Welcome to my Techniques page. Here you will find SBS / How-To tutorials on using various techniques that I use on my models and bases, as well as tutorials for using products.

All tutorials are in a Image Gallery format and so you must click on the image to enlarge the image, then simply click on the small arrows to  advance to the next image. By using this format the images will be larger and so can be seen more clearly. I will also try to have the text in the captions or embedded in the actual image.

Creating Black Asphalt for road bases.

Sometimes we want to just display a vehicle on a road or pad, be it cement or concrete. In the past I have made two or three bases for tanks and this always involved a plaster and sand mix and then painting it black when dry, or adding some black paint to the mix to get a base for the black paint.

For my rusty Panther Tank I decided to once again make a base of Asphalt with cracks and very dusty. I turned to my arsenal of Vallejo Texture Effects and decided to use the 26.214 Black Lava (Asphalt) for the first time. This Texture Effect is a deep black so this saves in painting the dried asphalt black. The Texture Effect is very grainy due to the fine sand that is pre-mixed in the container.

This simple Step-by-Step shows just how easy it is to replicate Asphalt using 26.214 Black Lava texture.

Scratchmod -The Art of Rust & Destruction